All about the NY HEAT Act

We are joined by Lisa Marshall, Advocacy & Organizing Director at New Yorkers for Clean Power, to delve into the New York Heat Act. Lisa’s long-standing interest in climate change began decades ago when she wrote her first high school research paper on global warming. It wasn’t until moving to NY’s Southern Tier and buying…

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Climate Activism for Families with Young Children

In this episode, Liat Olenick, who is co-founder and organizer at Climate Families NYC and an experienced public school educator, explains that young children can understand that climate pollution is bad, plus they love to solve problems. She describes how the youngest members of our society can participate in actions targeting the adults who can…

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Engaging with Climate Action through Art

On today’s episode, we’re discussing how art can help deepen our understanding of the impact of climate change and empower us to take collective action. Our guest is Chantal Bilodeau. Bilodeau is a Montreal-born, New York-based playwright whose work focuses on the intersection of storytelling and climate change. She is the founder of the Arts…

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