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All about the NY HEAT Act

We are joined by Lisa Marshall, Advocacy & Organizing Director at New Yorkers for Clean Power, to delve into the New York Heat Act. Lisa’s long-standing interest in climate change began decades ago when she wrote her first high school research paper on global warming. It wasn’t until moving to NY’s Southern Tier and buying...

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Climate Activism for Families with Young Children

In this episode, Liat Olenick, who is co-founder and organizer at Climate Families NYC and an experienced public school educator, explains that young children can understand that climate pollution is bad, plus they love to solve problems. She describes how the youngest members of our society can participate in actions targeting the adults who can...

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Engaging with Climate Action through Art

On today’s episode, we’re discussing how art can help deepen our understanding of the impact of climate change and empower us to take collective action. Our guest is Chantal Bilodeau. Bilodeau is a Montreal-born, New York-based playwright whose work focuses on the intersection of storytelling and climate change. She is the founder of the Arts...

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Faith Groups and the Climate Movement

In this month’s episode, we’re honored to have Fletcher Harper, an Episcopal priest and the driving force behind GreenFaith, a global multi-faith organization dedicated to environmental and climate justice. Fletcher shares insights from his role as the executive director and delves into the principles outlined in his book, ‘GreenFaith: Mobilizing God’s People to Save the...

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Voices From the Climate Movement

On September 17th 2023, 75,000 activists converged on New York City for the March to End Fossil Fuels. Eva takes to the streets to capture the concerns and hopes of people from as far as Peru and as close as New Jersey. Their voices range across the spectrum of issues affected by the climate crisis,...

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Teach for Climate Justice

Eva is joined by educator Tom Roderick author of the new book Teach for Climate Justice: A Vision for Transforming Education. A leader in social and emotional learning, Tom discusses his vision for radical transformative climate justice education, currently lacking in our schools. He explains how teachers can help students understand inequality and the climate...

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Skip the Stuff: No More Plastic Take-Out Waste

In our 19th episode of Climate Check: Stories and Solutions, Raine Manley tells the story of her journey from frustration to activism as she tackles plastic waste here in New York City. The outcome? NYC passed “Skip the Stuff,” a law in NYC that requires restaurants and food delivery apps to leave out the single-use...

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People vs Fossil Fuels

In this episode of Climate Chat, Eva is joined by Molly Morabito of the Climate Law Institute at the Center for Biological Diversity. Molly discusses the People vs Fossil Fuels coalition and its demands for how the Biden Administration should address the climate emergency. A September UN summit on Climate Change will take place in NYC, and...

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