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Energy Efficient Buildings: How Local Law 97 Can Change NYC Forever

Pete Sikora knows that climate justice and housing justice are two sides of the same coin. That’s why he sees Local Law 97 as a unique opportunity to cut the largest source emissions in New York State, while creating fair-wage jobs, and holding real estate owners accountable for their buildings’ pollution. On this month’s episode, Pete...

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Climate, Jobs, and Justice

For our December episode, Xaver Kandler, Campaigns Coordinator for NY Renews, walks us through the Climate, Jobs, and Justice Package — a series of proposed bills for 2023 that builds on New York State’s historic Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA). These bills were developed by New York Renews, a broad coalition of hundreds...

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Renewable Rikers and the Quest for Justice

In February of 2021, the NYC City Council passed laws that will reshape Rikers, the island off the coast of Queens that is a penal colony built on landfill. These bills are part of a campaign called Renewable Rikers, and was years in the making by a coalition that crossed interests and focus areas.  ...

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The Inflation Reduction Act: “It Really is Historic”

In this episode, Eva talks with Liz Moran about the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and its many environmental and climate provisions. Liz is the Policy Advocate for New York at Earth Justice, the public interest environmental law firm. She gives us a broad picture of the law, walking us through much of the good the law will do in...

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Work to Be Done, Joy to Be Made

In this episode, get to know our Climate Check host Eva Dean, interviewed by our comms & marketing specialist Brynn Fuller-Becker.  Eva is a Brooklyn dance maker who specializes in site-specific and neo-contemporary work. In this episode, Dean talks about how 350 Brooklyn gave her a community to join forces with to change policy on...

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Episode 9: The Second Best Time to Plant a Tree

For this episode we bring in Rev. Ana Levy Lyons, a senior minister of First Unitarian Congregational Society in Brooklyn. We discuss Ana’s path to divinity, the nuanced responsibility of parenthood in the era of the climate crisis, the allusions technology has placed on our framings place, waste, and haste. Ana calls on listeners to examine the role...

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Episode 8: Sustainable Farming and Soil Health—Trust Your Mouth

On this episode of Climate Check, we get to chat with Chris Nickell, a community organizer and a member of the Northeast Organic Farming Association’s (NOFA) Soil Subcommittee. We learn about soil health, farming practices, and the cultural and societal impact of food in today’s ecosystem. Take a listen to learn why you should trust...

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Episode 7: Calming New York Harbor: Billion Oyster Project

“We don’t think of the environment in NYC as being this natural wonder”, states Pete Malinowski, the Executive Director of the Billion Oyster Project. In this episode we hear about the ways in which the city contains that wonder, and how Billion Oyster Project helps sustain that vision of a healthy, biodiverse New York Harbor...

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