Empowering our Power: Navigating Solar Energy in New York

Solar One is leading the charge when it comes to proving equitable, affordable, renewable energy to all. In this month’s episode, Angelica Ramdhari, Director of Resilient Solar at Solar One, guides us through the state of play of Solar in New York City: from the contentious nature of greening brownstones, to the ABCD(BG-DR)s of resilient battery funding, to the basic of putting solar on our roofs and the grid.

In addition to outlining the many incentives and benefits of solar adoption, Angelica touches on the barriers and realities of workforce training, community solar, and the existing solar programs across the state. Listen to hear more about the importance of large-scale action, like transforming our city’s gas-guzzling peaker plants into energy storage facilities, and learn the most empowering step individual renters can have for their power.