Patience, Perseverance, & People, that’s what you need

In our premiere episode of Climate Check, we chat with Sara Gronim, an early member of 350 Brooklyn and pivotal organizer of the Williams Pipeline battle. Eva and Sara discuss the growing movement against creating non-renewable energy infrastructure in New York City, the success of a community-based organizing effort assembled to resist this infrastructure.

Sara Gronim is a climate organizer and an early member of 350Brooklyn. She credits her grandmother, who helped save a tidal river from development in their small town, with her love of the natural world.  Having taught environmental history for many years, she became so alarmed by the accelerating climate crisis that she left teaching to devote herself to climate action. In a wonderful collaborative effort with other local organizations Sara and fellow 350Brooklyn member Robert Wood helped lead the successful effort to stop the Williams pipeline from being built off the shores of New York City.

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