Welcome to Climate Check: Stories and Solutions for fighting climate change. This Podcast takes on the big questions: Where are we now, and where do we need to go from here? Each monthly episode breaks down the climate crisis through conversations with local climate activists and community organizers. They cover the many ways the climate crisis affects our lives, and what we can do together to foster a world that is equitable and sustainable. We discuss individual climate stories and pinpoint policies and local actions that can lead us to a healthier climate and a more just society—from fighting pipelines to working with nature and everything in-between.

Climate Check: Stories and Solutions is a production of the Climate Idea Exchange of 350Brooklyn in Brooklyn, New York. 350Brooklyn is a grassroots organization built on the power of ordinary people working together. We strive to counter the climate crisis through local action and work toward a world that is just, equitable, and sustainable and where all beings can thrive.


Welcome to Climate Check: Stories & Solutions

Trailer for Climate Check: Stories and Solutions, a podcast that brings climate activists and experts together to break down the climate crisis and discuss local strategies and solutions.

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Patience, Perseverance, & People, that’s what you need

In our premiere episode of Climate Check, we chat with Sara Gronim, an early member of 350 Brooklyn and pivotal organizer of the Williams Pipeline battle. Eva and Sara discuss the growing movement against creating non-renewable energy infrastructure in New York City, the success of a community-based organizing effort...

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Episode 2: Community, Compost, and Climate

For this episode we are joined by Ceci Pineda, executive director of BK ROT, an organization that offers a youth and bike powered food waste collection and composting service. Ceci and Eva discuss how we can work with nature to combat climate change and dive into the nitty gritty of...

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Episode 3: What is the Media Missing?

In episode 3 of Climate Check, host Eva Dean chats with Dr. Genevieve Guenther, founder and director of End Climate Silence, a volunteer organization dedicated to help the media cover the climate crisis with the urgency it deserves.  Dr. Guenther is a literary and Shakespeare scholar who deep dives into...

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350Brooklyn works locally to address the climate crisis through education, legislation and direct action. We work toward a world that is just, equitable, and sustainable and where all beings can thrive. 350Brooklyn is a local affiliate of 350.org, a global grassroots organization. For more information visit www.350brooklyn.org. You can also follow 350Brooklyn on Facebook and Twitter

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