Episode 2: Community, Compost, and Climate

For this episode we are joined by Ceci Pineda, executive director of BK ROT, an organization that offers a youth and bike powered food waste collection and composting service. Ceci and Eva discuss how we can work with nature to combat climate change and dive into the nitty gritty of BKROT, the power of utilizing our “natural allies” in fighting the climate crisis, and how reconnecting with our soil and food can be just as beneficial to ourselves as to our planet. You will hear how composting helps counter increased storm surges, carbon dioxide, as well as cooling our streets by nourishing plants and trees. Ceci shares how working with the land connects us with deep ancestral wisdom that nourishes social resilience and cohesion while facing the Climate Crisis.
Ceci Pineda (they/them) finds hope in community practices that further land regeneration and that reciprocally heal our communities. Ceci is the executive director of BK ROT, which offers a youth-and-bike-powered food waste collection and composting service. Ceci has pursued community driven agroecology and land regeneration work in Puerto Rico and Mexico and co-facilitated a Climate Resilient Farming workshop at Soul Fire Farm in upstate New York. Through apprenticing at SoulFire Farm and volunteering at Hattie Carthan Herban Farm in Bedford-Stuyvesant and home-growing, they deepened their relationships with plant friends. Ceci is a co-coordinator of Interlocking Roots, a network of (QT*BIPOC) farmers and land workers. They have also worked with leaders of these organizations on initiatives to make them more inclusive of queer and trans* folks.

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